“Carbon neutrality” is the common issue facing all mankind, most countries in the world are beginning to firmly implement this strategy. Global institutions are looking at ways to turn carbon into a tradable asset, using a market economy to regulate carbon emissions.
The common methods now are energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy subsidies, and carbon pricing, combined with the combination of ways, with carbon tax, energy tax and other market-based behavior to achieve carbon balance.
If low-carbon behavior can be quantified and become an individual's carbon asset, and individuals can earn economic returns from selling their carbon assets, it will surely attract more people to enter a low-carbon and emission-reducing lifestyle and participate in the protection of the Earth. Carbon Chain is doing just that.
Carbon Chain is a web 3.0 infrastructure that aims to accelerate the transition to a Carbon-neutral global economy. It is a web 3.0 infrastructure that uses NFT as a starting point and an open blockchain platform to achieve Carbon-neutral behaviour, where users can build on the blockchain, in the platform to complete a variety of low-carbon activities, carbon verification, carbon trading, carbon finance.
Through web 3.0, the Carbon Chain brings users into action on Carbon neutrality goals and generates revenue from their actions.
Global carbon neutrality through the empowerment of individual low-carbon lifestyles through blockchain and NFT is aimed at guiding individuals to actively participate in carbon neutrality in order to document and nurture individual low-carbon lifestyles, and to receive honors and NFT Awards.
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