3.1 Introduction to Carbon Chain

Right now, the Carbon sinks trade belong to project level certified emission reductions, as an important strategy of Carbon neutral business, Carbon Chain through NFT fu can provide individuals with a unique channel to obtain Carbon credit assets, helps to personal or business management, trading and use Carbon assets integrated platform, to provide comprehensive solutions for the realization of the Carbon, Carbon Chain quantifies low-carbon behavior energy and turns it into personal Carbon assets.
Players holding Carbon Chain NFT can participate in the collection and recording of Carbon assets, obtain Carbon assets through low-carbon life, energy saving and emission reduction lifestyle, and realize the realization of Carbon assets.
From the perspective of the product architecture of Carbon Chain, daily low-carbon behaviors include public transportation, CD-ROM/vegetarian food, running/cycling, afforestation, and the use of new energy, which are converted into Carbon assets and then sold through the major global Carbon emission reduction trading markets to obtain profits.
Carbon Chain's vision is to achieve global Carbon neutrality by 2050 by enabling individuals to live a low-carbon lifestyle through blockchain and NFTS.