3.2 Carbon Chain Value kernel

Carbon Chain is building the application of blockchain Carbon trading technology for tens of millions of users. Its business vision is to fundamentally solve the data value, business trust and user incentive within the global carbon trading technology ecosystem through the characteristics of blockchain, such as decentralization, non-tampering and smart contract, and improve application efficiency, reduce costs and ensure security through blockchain technology.
Build a thriving carbon-neutral blockchain ecological community. The platform provides carbon credits under certified carbon standards as the underlying assets, and uses blockchain technology to issue carbon asset non-homogeneity tokens (NFTS) for the first time in the world, supporting institutions, enterprises or individuals to purchase carbon asset NFTS through the platform to offset related emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.
Carbon asset NFTS issued based on Carbon Chain represent registered digitized Carbon assets with real Carbon asset endorsements.
To help institutions, businesses and individuals offset their carbon emissions through on-chain write-offs, and to trace related transactions and store them in an on-chain manner by creating open and transparent carbon emissions books.
Multi-source recording and instant certification of smart contracts, which can calculate, track and report carbon footprints, can help build a greener and more sustainable carbon asset finance system.
Contribute to the fight against climate change while achieving good business returns.