3.4 Carbon Chain Highlights

1. Unique revenue sharing mechanism allows users to truly profit. The use of NFT for Carbon asset transaction accounting is an important innovation of blockchain technology. This application truly combines on-chain data and off-chain scenarios. Through low-carbon behaviors (public transport, water/electricity/gas/consumption, vegetarian/CD action, waste sorting/recycling, running/cycling, afforestation, etc.), casting "carbon asset NFT" and completing "carbon asset digitization". Each NFT marks the property right of a low-carbon behavior and the low-carbon value behind it, completing the "digital asset". Carbon Chain not only has a more fair reward system, but the biggest feature of Carbon Chain is that the NFT token benefits can be redistributed to ensure that they are shared with the user revenue, so that users can really get the revenue. So that users can easily accumulate low-carbon behavior, happy harvest wealth.
2. Carbon Chain uses NFT tokens as the value link to realize the right confirmation, value discovery and circulation of Carbon assets, and enables users to obtain high value returns through the Power of Carbon neutral mining mode supported by DeFi protocol. For greater global reach, Carbon Chain provides a cross-chain infrastructure to enable DAO governance patterns to expand the user base, distribute tokens, and develop more NFT-driven applications. In addition, we have learned from the experience of outstanding industry leaders to form the technical architecture from the public chain underlying facilities to the parallel chain expansion support, so as to realize the efficient transfer, circulation and trade of cross-chain NFT carbon assets.
3. By recording and monetizing NFT certificates, more people can be encouraged to participate in low-carbon life. Although the power of an individual is small, when it is multiplied by an order of magnitude, it is no less than the energy of a large enterprise. It can be said that everyone can participate in Web3 and gain a new form of revenue.