4.1 Carbon Chain System framework

1. Access layer
The Carbon Chain access layer provides a multi-platform, easy-to-use, and beautiful UI to meet users' requirements in various scenarios. Specifically, it includes PC APP, supporting mainstream operating systems such as Windows and MacOS; Mobile terminal app, support mainstream operating system such as iOS, Android; Web page APP, support domestic and foreign mainstream browsers.
2. Front-end UI
Carbon Chain front-end UI is composed of interface design, WEB front-end, back-end interface, HTML code, CSS, JavaScript, etc. It follows the writing and organization form of native HTML/CSS/JS, which can effectively reduce HTTP requests, reduce DNS lookup, and avoid redirection. Make Ajax cacheable, delay loading components, reduce the number of DOM elements, split components into multiple domains, minimize the number of IFRames, eliminate HTTP404 errors, etc.
3. Display layer
The presentation layer of Carbon Chain consists of template engine rendering and Ajax interaction. Template engine rendering can show APP products and WEB products in front of users and partners in a dazzling way through module rendering. Ajax can be largely adapted to the bottom of various browsers and servers to provide users with smooth and convenient operation requests.
4. System layer
The Carbon Chain system layer consists of smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, stored procedures, consensus mechanisms, credit checking, Token exchange, and so on. Its function is mainly responsible for database access, can access the database system, data buffer, binary file, text document storage and so on. The service layer is the most direct display of Carbon Chain products. The development of different products and functions can effectively improve the practicability, authenticity, and legality of Carbon Chain.
5. Database
The Carbon Chain database consists of MS SQL, My SQL, and Oracle. The database provides basic functions such as storage, interception, security protection, and backup. It is very important to increase computing speed and performance traffic. User authorization for database use and hierarchical cryptography can fully ensure user privacy and data security.
6. Technical layer
Carbon Chain uses the latest technologies such as blockchain, big data and cloud computing. The computing power of cloud computing can drive blockchain, and blockchain technology can make big data traceable, making data more real and secure. Blockchain, big data and cloud computing influence and promote each other.