4.2 Smart Contract

Carbon Chain relies entirely on community and open source smart contracts.
Every iot device with access to the Internet has a global unique identifier that can be used to identify credit after being "identified" on the blockchain. Each smart contract is the same as a regular wallet and has a unique public address.
The difference is that the private key of the smart contract is discarded when the contract is created, so no one can send the digital assets inside the smart contract after it is created, except for the consensus mechanism.
Aiming at the on-chain requirements of monitoring events in the Internet of Things, that is, the owner of the Internet of Things device can set the smart contract, data storage path and data billing amount in advance, and then the whole network broadcast and digital record storage can be achieved. In the event of relevant abnormal events, it will be included in the regulation of the blockchain.
The carbon neutral smart contract requires mandatory, strong real-time and fully automatic triggering.
The data triggered by the condition is also the data protected by the blockchain, which is accurate, safe and reliable, and cannot be tampered with.