4.3 Data Security

Carbon-neutral cryptography technology and timestamp technology can protect the user's personal information from being stolen by others. Besides the commodity transaction information that can be queried publicly, the user's personal data information can be queried only when the user has a private key, avoiding the risk of disclosure of transaction information between the user and the merchant.
At the same time, the time stamp technology of carbon neutrality can protect the security of the data in the chain. When the data information is recorded in the blockchain, the time stamp is stamped, which eliminates the possibility of any change of the data.
All participants in a carbon-neutral system work together to maintain the data held in the ledger, which can only be modified according to pre-set rules and consensus.
The user's personal information is verified by multiple parties to reach a consensus, which completes the digital management of personal identity information.
In addition, carbon neutral homomorphic encryption technology can calculate and analyze encrypted data without decrypting the data. That is, when the user uses the private key to protect personal information, the merchant can still perform data analysis on the user's encrypted data, so as to complete big data analysis.
Homomorphic encryption can not only prevent others from stealing information, but also improve the ability to control internal risks of information, and promote data security to a new height.