5.2 Carbon Chain NFT Exchange

Fundamentally speaking, Carbon Chain is the entrance to the Web3.0 based metaverse.
Due to its energy saving in hardware facilities, Carbon Chain has the functions of content sharing, content creation, and the casting, publishing and trading of digital products through the incentive layer. So how do you get Carbon neutral Carbon Chain NFTS?
By sharing low-carbon life in Carbon Chain APP, we can obtain fragments and synthesize NFT to participate in low-carbon life.
Players shared low-carbon lifestyle interaction. In the past, the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality was far away from ordinary people, so there was no way to quantify low-carbon lifestyle, and there was no feedback.
In Carbon Chain, players can record and realize low-carbon life through NFT credentials, which will encourage more people to invest in low-carbon life, participate in the environmental protection of the earth, and jointly achieve the global goal of Carbon neutrality.