Team members are committed to the technical development, transparent governance, community services and ecological construction of the Carbon Chain project to promote the long-term and stable developm
Samuel, Founder of Carbon Chain Project. Experienced blockchain investor, having invested in many famous projects in web3. Currently trying to achieve carbon neutrality goals globally through blockchain technology.
T. Kevin, an expert in blockchain, fintech, Austrian Federal University and international finance, provides financial services for banks and enterprises around the world. He has participated in the research and development of data systems and customer management systems of Deutsche Bank and Swiss Bank. At the same time, he has deeply paid attention to and participated in the latest blockchain-related business.
X. Sanfo, professor and doctor of Jenke University of Applied Science, is an expert in the field of cryptography. Her research direction is research and development of encryption and decryption technology trend tracking, implementation of cryptographic algorithms, optimization and improvement of cryptographic algorithms, analysis of the combination of cryptographic technology and application, etc. She has the background knowledge related to cryptographic computation and has a good mathematical foundation. Familiar with symmetric, asymmetric, HASH encryption and decryption algorithms.
D. Farvos has served as a technical leader in multinational companies such as IBM and Oracle. In 2013, he started to invest in the blockchain industry and participated in several blockchain open source projects. He has rich experience in cross-chain protocol development, system architecture, P2P distribution network and other development.