Any investment project is subject to systematic and non-systematic potential risks. The contents in this white paper only describe the resources controlled by the project, the actual development and the long-term vision, and are intended to convey information without providing any investment advice.
This document does not constitute and is not to be construed as an offer, request or recommendation to buy or sell, nor is it a contract or acceptance of any kind.
As a new investment model, digital asset investment still has various potential risks. NFT tokens belong to the class of digital assets, and the fluctuation of prices is a normal phenomenon, which requires investors to carefully evaluate investment risks and have risk tolerance. Blockchain technology is at an early stage, and the regulation of blockchain projects in various countries has not been defined yet, which does not rule out changes in project operation and management.
Once the investor participates in the investment, it means that it understands and accepts the risks of the project and is willing to bear the corresponding results.
The Carbon Neutral team is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss of assets resulting from participation in Carbon Chain. The capital market is unpredictable, the investment has the risk, enters the market needs the caution.
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